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Specialists In Modern and Classic Glass & Mirrors

Perfection In Your Reflection

Pacific Northwest Glass & Mirror is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years experience creating exceptional innovative products that consumers are excited about and that stand the test of time.

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Our Core Values

Windows are a building’s most prominent feature, glass showers add value to a home, glass cases are used for displaying retail products, and glass protects valuable tabletops and other constructed furniture. Designs and types of glass have evolved over the centuries. Design is closely related to the evolution of architectural styles and types of glass have evolved from Cylinder, Broad or Muff glass made before 1674 to Float glass – Molten glass which is poured onto the surface of molten tin, where it ‘floats’ to create an even sheet, perfectly smooth and featureless. This has been the standard technique since 1959.

Mirrors date back to ancient times when humankind first saw reflections in a pond or river and considered it magic. Prior to mirrors made from glass, metal was used, mostly copper. Copper was flattened and polished until a semi-clear reflection could be achieved. Eventually, after the invention of glass, mirrors were made from glass with a layer of metal added. The process of adding metal to glass has undergone many environmental changes due to the need for a safer non-toxic process to what we now commonly use today, metallic silver.


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